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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Panda Development

i started off by creating a simple panda using the marquee tool in photoshop. i added a pale background and bamboo sticks

i then tried creating a forest in the distance using darker tones of green, however it wasn't looking right trying to create in from my head with no reference.

So i gathered images from google to help me create a base collage. i could then create my own shapes and layers to create a realistic background.

The colours began to come together as i added in the backgorund. i decided to use darker greens that were more vivid and helped make the panda stand out. i created the bamboo sticks using the marquee tool then using the transform function i manipulated them further to create different looking bamboo quickly.

I am pleased with my final outcome. the pale sun rising over the horizon gives signs of hope and gives light relief to the intense colours of the image. The digger in the background is subtle but its bright colour shows it has importance within the context of the image.

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