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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chimp Development

After playing around with a couple different monkey images i decided on this one becasue i felt the bowed head gave a sense of depression and sadness. i also chose against adding facial features becasue i felt they diverted away from the initial connotation.

I decided to darken the background layer so that the monkeys facial features and hands were more eaily defined. i also added some long shadows in. although the shadows downt work in conjunction with the sun i feel they help emphasise the lonliness of the monkey and elongate the image. i also really like the late evening created by the falling sun and harsh shadows.

In my final image i decided to add a shadow underneath the monkey to bring him into the picture and place him within the deforestation. i also added a small orange pattern shape to add to the late evening feel and harsh shadows. The shape of the pattern creates a forground to lead the viewer from the monkey across the image to the sun.

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