I'm dan durant, i draw a lot, so heres a couple of my drawings to enjoy.
Art Univeristy Bournemouth
© daniel durant 2009 - 2010

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

drawing board

found this a while back but just started to get really into it, heres a couple of my new pictures

Thursday, January 19, 2012

more christmas picture

felt to make danny's canvas a bit better

moon in the sky or egg in a cave?

my wicker basket, now all i need is to be stranded on a desert island
adams christmas present
ya nooo mwan

millards sea scene
my nativity play
playing footy
poirot penguin
splash landin
pizza tray

christmas sketchbook

drawings since chreestmas day, cheers for the pens mum
scribble and draw what you see


my favourite cat

the wizards egg
tribal head
mum got me a white pen
ahh hh the whistling wart
uur urr
don't know how to spell it dont care

drawing stanley

newyears drawing
lonely house
inside out penguin
genie in a bottle

drawing left handed
drenched on a bench
sniffy bum
proud dog

half n half
my dream haircut
got that feelin
5 kings
looking for the light in the library