I'm dan durant, i draw a lot, so heres a couple of my drawings to enjoy.
Art Univeristy Bournemouth
© daniel durant 2009 - 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I used marquee tools to create the frog. i didnt want to give the frog pupil becasue i felt the white eyes seem to stare at you anyway. i used jungle images to help give me an idea of how i could make the background work with the frog in the foreground

I began adding in vegetation and water conintuing with the marquee. i added shadows in the bushes to help make the frog stand out but still retain its natural camoflauge.

I further added background trees to bring emphasis down onto the light greens and blues. i also added in a soft glowing sunrise again using the gradient tool.

My final additions to the image were the dead frogs. i wanted to incorporate the same strategie as the fishing net design by creating brightly coloured dead frogs to help emphasise the frogs situation. i erased areas of the frogs to mkae them look as thoguh their sinking. i really liek how the stream dithers away along with the frogs.
I first created the net using the pen tool in adobe illustrator. then impotred it into photoshop for the simpler task of marqueeing shapes. i made the tops of the waves by layering circles. they make the sea seem calm and help create a boundarie between sea and air.

To improve the contrast i made the sea darker, using the gradient tool to create the effect of sunlit water. The lightness behind the net helps bring focus to the fish in the net. I created the fish by layering differnet coloured shapes. i used the purple fish to create the back of the net amd to help show up the other brighter colours. i used bright colours to show the importance of the fish.

I wanted to create some atmosphere under the water so i used dark shades of blue to create a sunken ship and shadows. i like the contrast of the 3 small fishs' shadows compared to the net, they seem to be swimming slowly and sadly, where as the fish in the net look frantic. i also added extra netting by simply copying the orignal net and turning it.

I decided to take the colouds and sun out becasue i felt they took your eye away from the main subject. i wanted all the attention to be on what was happening under the water. i really liek the colours in the picture and the shadows bring the fish into the image.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chimp Development

After playing around with a couple different monkey images i decided on this one becasue i felt the bowed head gave a sense of depression and sadness. i also chose against adding facial features becasue i felt they diverted away from the initial connotation.

I decided to darken the background layer so that the monkeys facial features and hands were more eaily defined. i also added some long shadows in. although the shadows downt work in conjunction with the sun i feel they help emphasise the lonliness of the monkey and elongate the image. i also really like the late evening created by the falling sun and harsh shadows.

In my final image i decided to add a shadow underneath the monkey to bring him into the picture and place him within the deforestation. i also added a small orange pattern shape to add to the late evening feel and harsh shadows. The shape of the pattern creates a forground to lead the viewer from the monkey across the image to the sun.

Panda Development

i started off by creating a simple panda using the marquee tool in photoshop. i added a pale background and bamboo sticks

i then tried creating a forest in the distance using darker tones of green, however it wasn't looking right trying to create in from my head with no reference.

So i gathered images from google to help me create a base collage. i could then create my own shapes and layers to create a realistic background.

The colours began to come together as i added in the backgorund. i decided to use darker greens that were more vivid and helped make the panda stand out. i created the bamboo sticks using the marquee tool then using the transform function i manipulated them further to create different looking bamboo quickly.

I am pleased with my final outcome. the pale sun rising over the horizon gives signs of hope and gives light relief to the intense colours of the image. The digger in the background is subtle but its bright colour shows it has importance within the context of the image.